Natural Gas: Different views from energy ministers on the mandatory reduction of consumption in the EU

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Spain expects that its member states The European Union will reach an agreement to reduce the use of natural gas during the winter by less than 15% and on a voluntary basis during today’s Synod of energy ministers in Brussels, said the Spanish Minister of Energy, Teresa Ribera, attending the meeting.

The Spanish government is opposed to the mandatory reduction in natural gas use, arguing that the Spain has done big investments in the infrastructure for the import and re-export of natural gas to the rest of the European Union.

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For its part, Poland Minister of Energy she stated coming to the meeting that the European Union’s proposal to reduce natural gas consumption is “neutral” for Poland, if it does not include binding targets.

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Anna Moscow stated that Warsaw opposes the imposition of mandatory gas consumption reduction targets on EU countries.

“We cannot accept any decision imposed on the countries. Energy security is a national priority,” he said, adding that Poland’s natural gas storage units are full and the country has no need to curtail gas use now. However, he said Warsaw sees the cost of pollution under the EU’s carbon market as a threat to energy security.

Her proposal The European Union for the restriction against 15% demand natural gas will not be enough for winter needs, while cuts in Russian natural gas supplies continue, Irish Environment Minister Eamon Ryan said.

“15% probably it won’t be enoughgiven that the Russians have just announced a further reduction in supplies through Nord Stream 1. But it is better to be there than not to be there and I think the message it sends is very important,” added the Irish Environment Minister, coming to the meeting.

As reported by the Athens News Agency, in Berlin, German Foreign Minister Analena Burbock welcomed efforts to coordinate measures to save natural gas in the European Union, expressing confidence that the Union will remain united as Russia continues to hit the supply to Germany and in general.

“We will not split because of her lack of natural gas. On the contrary, we will remain united and this is the most important message to the Russian president,” said the German foreign minister after her talks with her Czech counterpart.

Source: News Beast

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