NBA store in São Paulo invites fans to the immersive experience

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More than 30 years ago, Brazilians started to follow the biggest basketball league in the world on TV. The success is such that Brazil has become one of the most explored markets by the NBA, the American professional basketball league.

According to the NBA, Brazil is the largest retail market in the world outside the United States. With that in mind, the association opened a mega store at the beginning of the month in São Paulo, the largest in Latin America.

With about 1,500 square meters, the structure is only smaller than franchises in China and the United States. At the site, various items are sold, from regattas to boards for meat, through to typical sports shoes. The favorite item of Brazilian consumers is the “Black Mamba” regatta by the Lakers.

According to Rodrigo Vicentini, head of the NBA in Brazil, the league brings together more than 45 million Brazilians who declare themselves NBA fans. “Our brand has never been this hot. We grow year after year.”

One of the store’s proposals is also the immersive experience with balls, shirts autographed by players and a space with the marks of the athletes’ hands on the balls.

In addition, there is an official-sized court for rent and a basket within reach for quick games.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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