ND in SYRIZA for follow-ups: The extent of your hypocrisy will be revealed

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For “vulgar lies about the projects concerning the shielding of the country from cyber-attacks”, New Democracy speaks in its announcement in response to a related announcement by the official opposition, while pointing out that after the launch of the investigation into the issue of surveillance by the Justice Department, but also the debate in the Parliament, “the magnitude of the slander” of SYRIZA will be revealed.

“The investigation both by the Greek Justice and at the institutional level by the Parliament has already been launched. And then, together with the truth, the magnitude of the slander, hypocrisy and petty political expediency will be revealed and various imaginative scenarios will be refuted, whether they concern information without evidence of tracking of persons or the use of software by the Greek authorities despite repeated denials”, says the ND announcement, and concludes:

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“As for the new vulgar lies of SYRIZA about the projects concerning the shielding of the country from cyber-attacks, the appropriate answers will be given competently”, concludes the announcement of the ND.

Source: Capital

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