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ND: In the case of Korkonea, the most favorable provisions applied by SYRIZA apply

ND: In the case of Korkonea, the most favorable provisions applied by SYRIZA apply

With its announcement, the Press Office of New Democracy responds to Mr. Iliopoulos.

“The Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Lamia today recognized again to the former special guard, Epamineondas Korkoneas, convicted for the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the mitigation of the previous legal life with 4-3 votes”, the Office of the N

And he points out: “Let us remind Mr. Iliopoulos and SYRIZA, who appear today indignant at the decision, the following: With Law 4619/2019, which was voted on 11-06-2019 and is valid from 01-07-2019 , that is, a few days before the elections, during the SYRIZA government, the following were modified, among others:

– The mitigating factor of article 84 par. without having to prove it in a positive way.

– The crime of intentional homicide is punishable by a life sentence or a temporary sentence of at least 10 years (10-15 years).

“In the case of life imprisonment, the minimum actual sentence for convicts is 16 years.”

And the announcement concludes:

“The framework changed under the SW government. Specifically: Law 4855 / 12-11-2021 included, among others, the following amendments:

– The only sentence now provided for the crime of intentional homicide is life imprisonment.

– The formal and substantive conditions for the conditional release of those convicted of crime, including homicide, have been tightened.

Thus, in case of imposition of temporary imprisonment for the crime of homicide, the possibility for conditional release is given only if 4/5 of the sentence has been estimated with a beneficial calculation (eg work in prison) instead of the 3/5 that was valid until November 2021.

– In the case of life imprisonment the minimum actual assessment for convicts is increased to 18 years (actual assessment). Until this change the minimum real estate threshold was 16 years.

It is noted that despite the changes of law 4855/2021 in the Korkonea case, the provisions of law 4619/2019 are applied as more favorable for the accused. And the most benevolent were the ones instituted by SYRIZA.

So let Mr. Iliopoulos leave the crocodile tears “.

Source: Capital



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