ND: SYRIZA breached privacy to construct a morbid narrative

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The Parliamentary Group of New Democracy accuses SYRIZA of “a double mistake” during the hearing of the new Governor of the EYP.

According to the ruling party, on the one hand, SYRIZA breached the confidentiality of the process while it was underway “with a view to fabricating a sick narrative”.

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On the other hand, according to the ND, the official opposition “distorts the answer of the Commander of the EYP”.

Speaking of a “provocative and unprecedented for parliamentary time attitude”, ND concludes by arguing that SYRIZA’s attitude “makes him an unreliable interlocutor in a top process”.

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In detail, the comment of K.O. of the New Republic:

“SYRIZA fell into a double blunder today. Its anxiety to use the Androulakis case as a tool, pushed it to the violation of confidentiality and the trivialization of an extremely important parliamentary process such as the hearing of Ambassador Mr. Demiris for his appointment to the position of its Commander National Intelligence Service with leaks from the meeting.

SYRIZA’s concern, as demonstrated by its leaks to friendly media outlets that published excerpts of statements by its MPs while the secret meeting was in progress, was to construct a morbid narrative.

The second serious flaw is that in order to serve his narrative, he distorts the answer of the Commander of the EYP, as neither his answer nor the minutes can be made public.

The government has even expressed a clear position on the matter.

His defiant and unprecedented stance for parliamentary times makes him an unreliable interlocutor in a leading process concerning the institutional shielding of the National Intelligence Service’s operating framework.”

Source: Capital

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