ND: The 7 lies of SYRIZA for the interview of Mr. Mitsotakis

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ND speaks about 7 lies of the official opposition party regarding the TV interview given yesterday by Mr. Mitsotakis, noting that “the fact that A. Tsipras and SYRIZA have been identified with the lie in the conscience of the Greek people, is known from their projects and their days in government, but also from the way they are in opposition. ”

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In its announcement, ND states that SYRIZA follows the well-known Gembel tactic “say something is left”, and responds point by point to Koumoundourou’s allegations.

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The announcement of ND states in detail:

“1. If SYRIZA was fundamentally serious and honest with the citizens, it would admit – instead of promising millions of free molecular tests a day that no country does or recommends – that all European countries adopt criteria according to which they conduct free molecular tests These criteria apply mainly to accidental citizens and less often to people who have come into contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. public structures Health Centers, Hospitals and sampling points of EODY Thanks to this highly developed testing network that we have developed, Greece is in the top five in Europe in terms of test number according to ECDC data.

2. SYRIZA claims that free PCR is offered to all citizens in Europe are completely unfounded. The truth is that free PCR everywhere in the EU are made with specific criteria – conditions, such as in accidental citizens and close contacts. What is being done is for public structures to accept citizens for free under very specific conditions that vary from country to country. SYRIZA is constantly distorting the reality in favor of the sterile opposition line that it has adopted throughout the pandemic. What is suggested is to add another stage that will burden the citizen with a doctor’s fee in order to carry out a free molecular test, when this happens in our country much simpler and easier for symptomatic citizens without any obligation to prescribe or refer a doctor, to all the public health structures and the ladders of EODY.

3. Regarding the operation of the schools, the government has adopted the proposal of the competent Public Health subcommittee for the operation of the schools with the protocol of increased free diagnostic tests in case of a positive case for all students of each class (test to stay). The Public Health Committee has stated that in the context of this protocol it has reached 50 + 1 precisely because the major is not the number but the regular inspection. This is what most EU countries do, after all.

4. The NSS has been strengthened with 12,000 auxiliary staff, 2,000 auxiliary doctors and 2,000 permanent doctors. All the critical specialties that wanted to join the NSS have been hired. The positions mentioned by SYRIZA concern either auxiliary doctors who already serve or doctors who serve in other hospitals of the NSS and have applied for announcements for hospital positions that have been filled, or specialties that are not related to the needs.

5. In cooperation with the private sector we have received all the ICU beds of the private clinics for the needs of the NSS, almost 500 covid beds in Thessaly and Thessaloniki and another 300 non covid, while in the basin we have secured 300 beds for covid cases and 300 beds for non covid incidents. We understand the annoyance of SYRIZA, due to ideology, for this cooperation between the public and the private sector that shields the NSS

6. The Prime Minister insisted on the essence of his position. “The statement should have been better worded. I also acknowledged it in Parliament. What I would like to emphasize is that even outside the ICU there is a basic care for the patient who will sooner or later, as a rule, enter a normal Intensive Care Unit “. That was exactly his answer.

7. In order to understand the opposition stinginess of SYRIZA, the last point of the announcement that characterizes the increase of the minimum wage that will be given in May as “insufficient” would be enough, without any announcement about the percentage. The announcement of the increase will be made after three months and after an extensive consultation, but SYRIZA has already concluded that it is insufficient! After all, even if it is announced by the government, Mr. Tsipras is constantly doubled.

And then they wonder why no one takes them seriously! ”


Source From: Capital

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