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Neighbor who made racist insults to the woman is arrested in MG

Neighbor who made racist insults to the woman is arrested in MG

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais arrested the 53-year-old man who made racist insults to a neighbor in the city of Boa Esperança (MG), approximately 275 kilometers from Belo Horizonte. The arrest was made this Wednesday (31).

The man had already been detained on Friday (26), when the events occurred, but was released on the same day.

A video recorded by the victim recorded part of the racist statements. At the beginning of filming, the woman, who is a ceremonialist, asks the 53-year-old man to put the establishment's sign back in place.

The man laughs and throws the plants from the front of the apartment onto the floor. Upon realizing that the woman is recording, the man says: “Ugly, monkey. Are you going to show it to the police?” Afterwards, the man tries to attack the victim and is unable to do so due to the fence that separates the apartments.

Altered, the neighbor tries to pass a potted plant through the grille, and throws it in an attempt to hit the woman, and calls her a “monkey” again. “You are scaring my daughter. My daughter is just a child, okay?” says the victim, in the background you can hear a child crying.

According to delegate Alexandre Boaventura Diniz, responsible for the investigations, the man told the police that the videos were “snippets of a larger fight”, in which he had been a victim of homophobia. “The Civil Police, then, decided to investigate all the facts first, and then make an eventual arrest”, he explained.

On Saturday (27), the investigation concluded that the man had in fact committed the crime of racism and demanded preventive arrest. The court accepted the request on Sunday (28). A CNN did not locate the defense of the man who appears in the video.

Source: CNN Brasil