Neighbor’s angry message about ‘animal sex’ – ‘I can’t leave my house again’

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The angry message thrown at her by an angry man neighbor posted on TikTok a young woman. Briton Amber Odon shared the horror she felt when she discovered the handwritten note, saying she “can never leave her house again”.

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The video shows the note with the message, with many TikTok users finding what happens to her hilarious.

“I just found this note. It’s official, I can’t leave my house again,” she captioned her video.

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The embarrassing message reads: “If you’re going to have animalistic sex during the day, please close the damn windows!”

In fact, the message ends with a “Thank you”.

Many found the story amusing with millions viewing the video. Some shared their own stories. “My neighbors called the police once. I was so embarrassed, they thought I was being murdered because of the way I screamed,” one user described.

Source: News Beast

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