Neither streaming nor in theaters, Warner Bros. cancels ‘Batgirl’ about to finish

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surprising news for fans from DC Comics! As reported by the new york post Y Variety, The movie Batgirl, which was meant to make its debut on HBO Max, has been canceled and will not hit any platforms or theaters.

Despite the fact that the shooting of the film, which had a budget of 90 million dollars, had concluded, Warner Bros. and Discovery have decided to cancel batgirl, with Leslie Grace in the title role of Barbara Gordon (also known as Batgirl). No one will see the movie on the big screen or in streaming! But why was the radical decision made? We tell you.

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Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Ms Marvel Y Bad Boys for Life), the film was carried out by the former board of directors of Warner Bros. to be broadcast on the HBO Max platform. Grace would unite her talents with greats like Michael Keaton as Batman, JK Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon and Brendan Fraser as the villainous Firefly.

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However, in a statement to The Wrap, a Warner Bros. Pictures spokesperson said:

Batgirl/Michael Keaton

The decision not to release ‘Batgirl’ reflects the strategic shift in our leadership when it comes to the DC universe and HBO Max. Leslie Grace is an incredibly talented actress and this decision is not a reflection of her performance.

Experts assure that after the company was acquired by Discovery, a few months ago, and was renamed Warner Bros Discovery, the management of the works passed into the hands of David Zaslav, who, together with his team, had no mercy in dismantling projects. in preparation, which “did not respond to a new strategy”: only blockbusters for the cinema, without broadcast exclusives.


In fact, it is speculated that they have also canceled a new movie about Scooby-Doo, which had a budget of 40 million dollars. On the other hand, the first new york post attributed the cancellation to tests gone horribly wrong: Batgril it would even have been so bad as to make it disappear from circulation.

Something that for many specialists in the field is strange, since the work of Adil and Bilall is quite respected in the middle, in particular by Marvel and Sony. For its part, Variety reports that study experts insist that the decision to eliminate batgirl it was not driven by the quality of the film or the commitment of the filmmakers, but by a desire for DC’s slate of films to have the scale of a blockbuster.


Perhaps the anonymous testimonies of employees within the study collected by Variety be more reliable, because for them, it was not so much a question of quality, but of atmosphere. The new leadership wants an extreme spectacle, massive blockbusters and for that batgirl It was canceled.

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