Neni boasts about her trip to Paris thanks to the sale of paca clothes

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For dreams to come true, it takes a lot of effort and perseverance. As demonstrated by a woman who has become an inspiration for TikTok users after sharing that she managed to go on a trip to Paris because of her work in a flea market.

Is about sandya woman who, through her account on said social network, shared that she had finally fulfilled her dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France, due to her work in a flea market in Chiconcuac, in the State of Mexico.

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Sandra Baez posing in selfie

In his publication, we were able to observe Sandy wearing a green dress and a red beret while walking through one of the streets of the “City of Light”, but in another part of the video you can see him walking through the aisles of the tianguis, working to save for his trip.

Things that keep me humble: A few days walking in Paris… Others in Chiconcuac to pay for the trips.

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Of course, this video caught the attention of many users and so far it has accumulated more than 470,000 views on TikTok. In addition, it generated various reactions among Internet users, as there were those who showed their admiration, while others took it as an inspiration to achieve their goals.

However, after reading all the comments from the users, in another video, Sandy clarified that she is dedicated to retailing clothing, but she only does it in her spare time, since she is a formal teacher. , unlike most of the vendors in Chiconcuac who are completely dedicated to the sale of paca clothing.

Sandra Baez in Turkey

Let’s say that this clothing sale is an addition to which I am very grateful because it has taught me a lot, it has helped me to meet many people and to realize that there are other things that I like and that I am capable of doing. , which I did not imagine.

Finally, the teacher pointed out that in addition to selling clothes in the market and to her acquaintances, she also offers them online. During the pandemic, her store was booming, allowing her to generate more income and save for her vacations.

Source: Okchicas

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