Nepal Protests : Thousands March Against Parliament Dissolution

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Nepal protests have started gaining momentum. People are marching against the dissolution of the parliament, a decision taken by the Nepalese Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli.

Dissolution of Parliament

On 20th December 2020, the President of Nepal Bidya Devi Bandhari had announced the dissolution of the Nepalese parliament, on the request of Oli’s cabinet.

The ruling party,  NCP – Nepal Communist Party, was formed in 2017 by merging two communist parties in an attempt to win the elections. The attempt proved fruitful and NCP came into power. Since the party was formed on the basis of power sharing, Oli had agreed to split the position of premier with Phuspa Kamal Dahal, the leader of the ex Maoist party Oli had merged his party with.

As Oli’s time as the Prime Minister of the country came to an end, since he had to step down to let P.K Dahal take the seat, differences between the two started growing. The NCP is now faced with the danger of once again splitting into two parties, due to the ever growing tensions and formation of factions.

It is being widely speculated that Oli had dissolved the parliament only to stay in power, now going back on the power sharing agreement he had signed earlier.

Nepal Protests

Following the parliament dissolution which made early general elections mandatory, thousands of people are coming on to the streets to protest against this move.

Reportedly at least 10,000 people marched in the country’s capital Kathmandu, urging Oli to reverse his decision of holding early elections. Thousands marched shoulder to shoulder, defying the restrictions in place to combat the spread of Covid.

People have also filed petitions against the decision, claiming that it is unconstitutional. Nepal’s Supreme Court will begin hearing the petitions in January.

The Corona Virus has badly effected the country’s economic state and the political turmoil is making matters worse. Thus, people of Nepal have now started protesting against the move, pressurizing Oli to reinstate the parliament.






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