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Nepalese police have arrested 10 people on charges of recruiting youths for the Russian army

His police Nepal arrested ten Nepalis who were charging unemployed youths huge sums of money for travel visas and then sending them for illegal recruitment in Russian armyan official said today.

Nepal had asked Moscow this week not to recruit its citizens for the Russian army and to send every Nepali soldier back into the Himalayan country’s armed forces after six of its citizens serving in the Russian military were killed in Ukraine.

Her leader of Kathmandu District Police, Burendra Khatri, said 10 people were taken into police custody after being arrested in recent days following a tip-off. “We are discussing the case with government lawyers and we will take them to trial,” Kharti told Reuters, without saying when they would appear in court.

Kharti said that the arrested illegally charged each person $9,000 to send it to Russia on a ‘tourist visa’, mainly through the United Arab Emirates. Once these people arrived in Russia, they were conscripted into the Russian army.

“This is a case of people-trafficking…organized crime,” Kharti added. Those arrested could not be located to make statements.

Nepal, where stretching between China and India, asked Russiawhich invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and has been waging war ever since, to pay compensation to the families of Nepalis killed in the war in Ukraine.

Nepalese soldiers, known as Gurkhas and known for their bravery and fighting skills, served in the British and Indian armies in 1947 under an agreement between the three countries. There is no similar agreement with Russia.

Millions of Nepalis work today, mostly as laborers in industries and construction companies in South Korea, Malaysia and Middle Eastern countries.

Source: News Beast

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