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Netanyahu calls war of choice between Israel and Hamas “monsters”

Israel is celebrating Remembrance Day with ceremonies at Mount Herzl – Israel's national cemetery – and other sites in memory of its fallen soldiers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told those present at the ceremony that the current war against Hamas, as in previous wars, represented eternal values: “love of man and nation, love of country, willingness to sacrifice, belief in the righteousness of path”.

Netanyahu continued: “The war is exactly about this: is it us – Israel, or them – the monsters of Hamas.”

“We have and will demand a high price from the enemy for their criminal acts. We will achieve the goals of victory, and at the center of them is the return of all our kidnapped people home. But the price we pay, the price paid by previous generations, that price is very heavy.”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said at the ceremony that the current war is “the most just war the State of Israel has ever known. This is a war without a choice.”

“This is a war that will continue until we bring back our hostages. We will dismantle the Hamas government and its military capabilities.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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