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Netanyahu tells Biden 'Israel is determined to achieve all war objectives' in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US President Joe Biden that Israel is determined to “achieve all the objectives of the war” in Gaza, including neutralizing Hamas, freeing all hostages and ensuring that Gaza does not constitute now a threat to Israel, with the parallel granting of humanitarian aid, according to a statement from his office. The telephone conversation between the US president and the Israeli prime minister earlier today was the first in a month, according to the White House. Joe Biden, who supported Israel almost unconditionally after the October 7 attack, is increasingly distancing himself from Benjamin Netanyahu. Recently, the US president said that Netanyahu is “doing more harm than good” to his country with the way he is handling the war in Gaza, where civilian casualties are mounting and the humanitarian crisis is worsening. Joe Biden also supported the recent intervention as a “good speech”. […]
Source: News Beast

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