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Netanyahu wants to reinstate a law in favor of the mandatory conscription of ultra-orthodox Jews

Israel’s parliament voted Tuesday morning to revive a controversial bill backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but not the defense minister, on military service for ultra-Orthodox Jews. Military service is compulsory in Israel, except for ultra-Orthodox Jews who can devote themselves to the study of Judaism’s holy texts, under an exemption established by David Ben-Gurion, the founder of the state of Israel, in 1948. In 2022, shortly before the rise to power of the right-wing government of Netanyahu and his religious and far-right allies, the Knesset had voted in first reading a bill on the military service of the ultra-Orthodox. The bill provides for a gradual and limited tenure of the ultra-Orthodox in the Israeli army, while it also includes alternative solutions. The issue of military service for ultra-Orthodox men has divided Israeli public opinion for decades. In a context of conscription due to the war with Hamas in Gaza, anger is growing at the idea of ​​exemptions […]
Source: News Beast

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