Netflix releases in April that are really worth it

Netflix releases in April that are really worth it

As is customary, Netflix continues with the dynamic of renewing the content of its platform every month, so, continuing with its plan to reveal the news it has prepared for its subscribers, it recently shared the list of series, movies, and documentaries. They will arrive in April.

Between premieres of original content on the platform streaming and even productions that have become movie classics, Netflix announced that April has the return of the second season of welcome to eden and sweet tooththe story of the deer boy who, after being captured by the last men, tries to help his other hybrid friends.

On the other hand, the platform streaming gives us a nostalgia punch by bringing back the Power Rangers, as well as the premiere of suckthe new film by Jonás Cuarón that is based on the famous legend of the Chupacabras, and the sequel to A Quiet Place. Also, he will bring back the tape Ghost Rider: The Ghost Riderin which Nicolas Cage plays a man who sells his soul to save someone he loves.

If you want to know what Netflix has prepared for the month of April, take a look at the following list and find out what day the season of your favorite series or movie premieres.


  • the signature – April 4
  • Row – 6 of April
  • Shin, divorce lawyer – April 8
  • A man from Florida – April 13th
  • Queenmaker – April 14th
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season 8 – April 15
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians: Season 13 – April 15
  • Workin’ Moms: Season 7 – April 26
  • The love after Love – April 26
  • sweet tooth: Season 2 – April 27


  • White elephant – April 1st
  • Scarface – April 1st
  • Ghost Rider: The Ghost Rider – April 1st
  • out in the open – April 1st
  • One direction: That’s how we are – April 1st
  • The art of being an adult – 5th of April
  • suck – April 7
  • flight of queens – April 14th
  • Power Rangers: Yesterday, Today and Forever – April 19th
  • travel guide to love – April, the 21st
  • A Quiet Place: Part II – April 30th
  • welcome to eden: Season 2 – Coming Soon


  • Relentless Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing – April 12th
  • how to get rich – April 18th

child content

  • Invading neighbors – April 1st
  • Trolls World Tour – April 10th
  • Cocomelon: Let’s sing!: Season 8 – April 10
  • A Boss in Diapers: Back in the Cradle: Season 2 – April 13
  • Oggy Oggy: Season 2 – April 17
  • Barbie: It Takes Two – April, the 21st
  • Ada Magnificent, scientific: Season 4 – April 22
  • Tibucan: Season 3 – April 27


  • VINLAND SAGA: Season 2 – April 3
  • inuyasha: Season 6 – April 28

Source: Okchicas