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Netherlands: A Pole was arrested as the organizer of the murder of journalist Peter de Vries

A Polish man was arrested today on suspicion of organizing the murder of well-known Dutch journalist Peter de Vries, the Dutch public prosecutor’s office announced.

“A suspect has been arrested, a 27-year-old Pole, for coordinating the men who committed the murder,” a prosecutor’s spokesman told Reuters.

De Vries was shot last July on a busy street in Amsterdam.

His killing caused a wave of anger and grief nationwide and raised concerns about the ability of underworld members to take out a prominent public figure they see as a threat.

De Vries, 64, a well-known TV personality, was known for his shows, in which he often collaborated with the families of victims of unsolved crimes, which he tried to solve.

Two men are currently on trial for the murder.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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