Netherlands: Considers abolishing ‘crown pass’ for indoor access for the unvaccinated

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The Dutch parliament is meeting today to discuss a government proposal to abolish the “coronary pass” for the unvaccinated against Covid-19, with proponents of the idea citing record rates and opponents arguing that the move would introduced discrimination.

The pass, which secures access to indoor public spaces, is now available to citizens who have been vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19 or tested negative for the virus. Under the government’s proposal, the latter option will be abolished.

It is unclear whether the coalition government will be able to gather the majority of seats needed to approve the proposal in a deeply divided parliament, given criticism that it will turn some citizens into “second-class citizens”.

The meeting may last until midnight local time before a vote.

The Netherlands reintroduced some restrictions last weekend in a bid to slow the resurgence of the new coronavirus epidemic, but infections continue to rise.

The Dutch National Institutes of Health (RIVM) today announced a record number of more than 110,000 cases in the week ended November 16, a 44% increase from the previous one, with the largest increase among children aged 4-12.

Last week, hospitalizations increased by 12% and the number of patients in intensive care units increased by 3%, according to the RIVM.

Almost 85% of the adult population in the Netherlands is fully vaccinated. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has counted 2.27 million cases of COVID-19 and 18,695 deaths.



Source From: Capital

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