Netherlands: Defense Minister resigns over handling of Afghanistan crisis

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Her Minister of Defense Anck Bielefeld of the Netherlands announced today its resignation after the chaotic management of the evacuation operation by Afghanistan, following in the footsteps of the head of Dutch diplomacy Zigrid Kaag, who resigned yesterday.

“I have informed my party and the Prime Minister (Mark Rutte) that I will ask the King to accept my resignation,” said Ank Bielefeld, a day after motion of censure by the country’s lawmakers, who criticized the government for failing to oust Afghan nationals and failing to recognize the signs of a rapid takeover by the Taliban.

She also assured reporters that she did not want to “hinder the important work” of her colleagues, who continue their efforts to evacuate people from Afghanistan, as broadcast by APE BPE.

Her colleague, Foreign Minister Zigrid Kaag, resigned yesterday after also being in the spotlight. criticism focusing on the government’s inability to remove Afghan nationals and failing to see signs of the Taliban regaining control of the country.

The two ministers are among the first Western officials to step down and take responsibility for chaos which reigned between the Taliban conquest of Kabul on August 15 and the withdrawal of US forces at the end of August.

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