Netherlands: Flooded rivers threaten residential areas

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The emergency services in today remained in a state of high alert Netherlands as flooded rivers threatened towns and villages throughout the southern province of Limburg.

Tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated in the past two days, while soldiers, firefighters and volunteers have been working hard all night to strengthen dams and prevent flooding.

Floods in neighboring Germany after heavy rains this week have killed at least 133 people.. In Belgium, according to official figures, at least 20 people have been killed, with local media reporting at least 27 dead.

The Dutch have so far avoided a catastrophe of this magnitude as no casualties have been reported so far this morning.

However, according to local authorities, rising water levels have wreaked havoc in the area and the situation remains critical.

Water levels in rivers around major cities such as Fenlo and Rurmont reached record levels today and are not expected to fall until tomorrow night, according to authorities, creating problems with dams and other protective measures.

Many roads in and around Rurmond have been flooded, according to the ANP news agency.

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