Netherlands: Nazi map found showing lost treasure

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An old Nazi map may be hiding a big secret. It is said to show the spot where German soldiers hid a treasure worth several million euros during the Second World War.

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Now, this map is being released by the National Archives of the Netherlands, sparking the imagination of lost treasure hunters everywhere.

The map clearly shows the area around Amerongen, Elst, Eck, Omeren and Linden, with a red cross showing where the treasure is buried. According to the documents, it contains bracelets, watches, pendants, necklaces, silver coins, precious stones, rubies, diamonds. Many.

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As the Guardian reports, the hoard, four ammunition cases loaded with coins, watches, jewelry, diamonds and other precious stones, is believed to have been worth at least 2 or 3 million Dutch guilders in 1945. That’s about 18 million euros in today’s money.

Although the treasure’s existence is unconfirmed, that hasn’t stopped lost treasure hunters from grabbing their gear and running into the area.

Researchers believe the treasure was buried in April 1945, when the Allies were close to liberating Arnhem in the eastern Netherlands, and the soldiers decided to bury the treasure because they were afraid.

The precious cargo was reportedly buried in the roots of a poplar tree at a depth of 70 to 80 centimeters, just outside the village of Omeren.

Source: News Beast

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