Netherlands: No, it’s not the “eye of Sauron”, says the creator of the farewell gift to Angela Merkel

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The gift offered by its leadership EU. in Angela Merkel, an artistic representation of the building where the summits are hosted, refers to the τι eye of Sauron, by the “Lord of the Rings”, according to his critics on social media. The observation seemed funny to its creator.

This farewell gift, a transparent sculpture, is the work of the young French-Dutch artist Maxim Dutere, who stated that he “honors” this fact, while describing as funny his comparison with the symbol of evil in his trilogy Τζ. R. R. Tolkien.

“I have not seen Twitter yet, but I see the similarity. “It’s very strange,” he said Dutere, who is studying at Eindhoven Design Academy, in Netherlands.

Unlike the giant eye that observes her Middle Earth in “Lord of the Rings”, his transparent work Dutere it is an “abstract depiction of a European building,” he explained.

The central part of the sculpture depicts the shape of the building Europe. Recycled window frames can be seen in the frame, such as those located on the facade of the building. The brass section refers to a navigation body, recalling that the Council is an “guidance and guidance” body, while the brass sphere symbolizes the presence of its members Council, as representatives of the European people.

The same project, which costs 150 euros, was selected by its president European Council, τον Charles Michel, and was offered to the outgoing Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Leven.

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