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Netherlands: Stop keeping “purebred” animals with genetic mutations that make them “cute”

THE Dutch government wants to ban the ownership of pets that carry genetic mutations that give them a “cute” appearance but can be painful for them, such as dogs with patchy noses.

“When they choose one companion animaloften people prefer features they find cute; such as short-muzzled dogs or droopy-eared cats,” the agriculture ministry said. But “there is scientific evidence that these cats are suffering all the time from the lack of cartilage caused by a specific gene”he added.

Genetic mutations can cause breathing problems or arthritis in animals. “Their owners have the best intentions, but they often ignore the dark side”that is animals suffer from these specific characteristics, continues the ministry, explaining that “dogs with very short muzzles are constantly panting». According to recent studies, this happens for example with French and English Bulldogs.

“Dogs with abnormal skulls may suffer from constant headaches,” Agriculture Minister Piet Adema said in a letter to parliament. “We make the lives of innocent animals miserable because we think they are nice and cute“, he summed up, revealing that the Netherlands will take “the big step” and decide that “no companion animal should suffer because of its appearance.”

At the moment, the list of animals whose possession will be prohibited has not been drawn up. The list of physical characteristics that can be objectively proven to be painful for animals is still being considered, the ministry added.

In the Netherlands, since 2014, the breeding of animals with health problems due to their constitution has been prohibited. As of 2019, some rules have also been put in place regarding the breeding of short-muzzled dogs, however the illegal trade of these animals is still going on.

Adema, according to the Athens News Agency, wants to ban the possession of these animals and the use of their image in advertisements or even on social networking sites. Once the ban goes into effect, those who already own such animals will be allowed to keep them until they die.

Source: News Beast

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