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Neuralink chip to be implanted in second patient

Elon Musk’s startup Neuralink will implant a neural implant into the brain of a second patient “within the next week or so,” the entrepreneur said during a live broadcast with the company’s executives.

The company hopes to implant brain-computer interface (BCI) “to more patients this year.” Neuralink is working on fixes for the hardware issues experienced by the first participant in the trial.

In January, the company successfully implanted the brain chip into its first volunteer, 29-year-old Noland Arbaugh. About a month after the surgery, some of the device’s neural threads broke away from the brain due to it shifting during pulsation.

On air, Musk and executives said that about 15 percent of the channels in Arbo’s implant are functional, allowing him to watch videos, read, and play chess and other video games.

Neuralink plans to reduce retraction and measure it more carefully. One way is to sculpt the surface of the skull to minimize the gap under the device.

The firm plans to insert some of the threads deeper into the brain tissue and monitor how much they move. They will be integrated “at different depths” because it has been found that retraction is possible.

Thanks to the implant, Arbo learned to control the computer with his thoughts.

In May, Neuralink began searching for a second volunteer to test the neurochip.

In March, Musk announced the company’s next product, Blindsight, which will help blind people see.

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