Neutral colors, a real design passe-partout

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Those are considered neutral colors low saturation or intensity. They would fall under this definition white, black or gray. Also earth, brownish and metallic colors can be considered neutral.

They can be combined with any shade, whether it’s bright colors (yellow, orange, green or red) or soft colors.

Between more trendy combinations surely neutral warm shades like gray and taupe, black and cream, brown and cream, gold and cream, beige with a touch of red and cream and ivory are some of the most popular combinations in interior design.

In addition, neutral colors such as white, beige, ivory, brown, gray or black perfectly match the interiors with a minimalist or Nordic style and their choice affects the design of the houses and the layout of each space.

How to get the most out of neutral colors? The main advantage of achromatic shades is that they can pair with more vibrant colors and allow you to combining natural materials and textures with more elaborate ones. This is the case of those compositions that mix ceramic with wood, linen with stone or metal with wicker.

Neutral shades they increase the brightness of the spaces and affect the image of cleanliness and hygiene that areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or the terrace.

Before selecting the color range to add to your home, we recommend that you design one mood board with the different color blends you want to apply based on the interior design you choose.

Neutral stays

To design a living room with neutral furnishings, you can insert light and silky fabrics, such as velvet or satin, in colors such as white or gray. Natural stone floors can be the perfect complement to this mix & match.

Another option is that of blend white with wood. The ceramic parquet Parkers in Porcelanosa or wood Starwood ceramic, for example, they will enhance the warm look and durability of living rooms with a more rustic touch.

The comfort of the living rooms

The neutral colors we recommend using in living rooms include various types of white, beige or brown, three shades that will enhance spaces with natural wood or ceramic and which can be integrated with wavy or sandy effect coatings.

Practical solutions for the bedroom

Neutral bedroom furniture can pass for walls e white floors, light linen and cotton fabrics, white lacquered furniture or headboards made with the compact mineral Fitwall ™ by Krion. This solid surface is characterized by high resistance to high temperatures, bending and solar radiation and its absence of porosity allows for better cleaning.

The triumph of beige in kitchens

The Gamadecor kitchens such as Wabi E9.30 XLight Bottega Caliza Silk E2.65 Sugi Black Sugi Té are predominantly beige. The same goes for the compact sintered mineral XTONE, which is inspired by the textures and splendor of Carrara marble.

Neutral bathrooms: the key to wellness

The minimalismo ‘total white’ or black and white textures can give at the bathroom a more authentic and original air. If you want to give a touch of color to the toilets, Noken, for example, allows you to customize the sinks, toilets and shower trays in any color from the RAL chart.

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