‘New Amsterdam’ the Netflix series that will make you forget ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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There is something special about medical series that grabs all viewers. Grey’s Anatomy shows us Meredith, a surgeon who is always looking for a way to be the best, in Dr. House We were introduced to Gregory House, a peculiar physician with a singular personality and in The Good Doctor, Shaun Murphy, who with a prodigious memory and mind, is one of the best at his job.

Each of them knows how to keep viewers on the edge of the sofa, so it is not surprising that New Amsterdam, series first aired in 2018, is also stealing all of Netflix’s public attention.

Add that dose of drama that your life needs

Poster for the 'New Amsterdam' series

New Amsterdam came to Netflix very recently and quickly rose to number two on the platform. The story takes place in the New Amsterdam Hospital, a clinic that goes through a pretty bad situation both in its reputation and financially.

Fortunately, everything begins to change with the arrival of Max Goodwin, who becomes the director of the New York hospital, making changes that little by little return the vitality, recognition and popularity to the place.

A cast worth remembering

List of the medical series 'New Amsterdam'

The handsome and attentive Dr. Max Goodwin is portrayed by Ryan Eggold, who participated in 90210, Beverly Hills: the new generation. Meanwhile, Iggy Froome, the psychiatrist and director of Psychology, is represented by Tyler Labine, whom we have seen in Escape Room The Big Bear. In addition, the series also stars Freema Agyeman as Helen Sharpe, a doctor who longs to become a mother.

It’s based on real events

The series, which so far has two seasons, is based on the book 12 patients: life and death at Bellevue Hospital, by Eric Manheimer, who was the director of the hospital. However, the series was renamed to avoid legal problems. It is known that the health center was founded in 1736 and is the oldest in the North American country, without forgetting that its care was of great importance after the attack of September 11, 2001.

What’s more, New Amsterdam makes a criticism of the health system that exists in the United States, since the care provided to patients is almost nil and the material for their care is really scarce. So not everything is drama, it also shows a bit of the reality that both doctors and patients face.

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