New bloodshed in Myanmar, the country is sinking into chaos

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Protesters were killed and wounded in a morning operation by its army Myanmar, during which he dismantled the scenes set up by protesters against the coup.

Myanmar is mired in chaos following the February 1 coup that abruptly ended a parenthesis of democracy in the country and sparked demonstrations and strikes against the junta, despite the use of deadly force by security forces.

Violent incidents took place when the army entered the protesters’ camp today in the city of Calais in Saigang province, the center of the mobilizations against the military junta, as broadcast by AMPE.

Media and eyewitnesses reported that there were victims, while many shots were heard. The Mizzima news website reported that three people had been killed and posted photos on Facebook of a fire that broke out near parked vehicles and soldiers holding rifles on the road.

The ability of young people, mainly members of the anti-junta movement, to organize and share information through social networking sites has been limited due to restrictions imposed on the internet.

Private print media have also been suspended and protesters are trying to find alternative ways of conveying their message by creating their own newspapers in A4 leaflets which they distribute to citizens on a daily basis.

On Tuesday, Dr. Sasha, who heads a parallel government with former Aung San Suu Kyi government ministers and lawmakers, said his legal council would submit to various of his services. UN evidence of the atrocities committed by the army.

According to him, the commission has received 180,000 data and will meet today with representatives of an independent research mechanism for Myanmar.

About 581 people, including dozens of children, have been killed by the army and police, while nearly 3,500 others have been arrested, according to the Association for the Aid of Political Prisoners (AAPP).

The junta “loses control”

After all, the military has issued arrest warrants for hundreds of people, including artists, musicians and influencers.

Myanmar’s most famous comedian, Zarganar, was arrested yesterday.

Western countries including the United States, Britain and Australia have imposed severe sanctions or tightened existing ones against Myanmar’s military.

Fitch Solution in a report released today noted that only targeted Western sanctions they are unlikely to succeed in restoring democracy in Myanmar. He also predicted a violent uprising between the army on the one hand and an armed opposition on the other consisting of both members of the anti-junta movement and armed minority paramilitary groups.

“The escalating violence against civilians and ethnic paramilitary groups shows that the Tatmans (the Myanmar army) are increasingly losing control of the country,” he said, adding that the vast majority of citizens support the parallel government.

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