New collaboration between EOT and AEGEAN for the tourist promotion of Greece

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For the 5th consecutive year, EOT and AEGEAN join forces for the tourist promotion of the country abroad, with a new and very fresh advertising campaign that highlights Greece as the ideal tourist destination all year round.

Investing in the exceptional climate of Greece, in the diversity of its landscape and, mainly, in the different experiences that the visitor can experience, depending on his preferences, EOT and AEGEAN created an attractive campaign that directly targets the feeling of the traveler. Greece is a country with many people that offers different types of holidays and does not leave any traveler unmoved. Our Greece can be the Happy Place of every traveler! The aim of the campaign is to highlight the unique images of the country and to expand the tourist season, by attracting visitors to all areas and all seasons.

As in their previous collaborations, for this year ‘s “Explore Your Happy Place” campaign, EOT and AEGEAN use in a smart and creative way modern technological tools, in order to promote the right messages to the visitors abroad and to attract them to visit the Hellas. Through a short online quiz, full of images from the most beautiful corners of the country, the potential visitor declares his preferences and desires and discovers that his own personal “Happy Place” really exists and is βρίσκεται in Greece! All that remains is to book his ticket with AEGEAN.

The General Secretary of EOT, Dimitris Fraggakis, points out that: “EOT methodically implements a strategic plan for the promotion of Greek tourism abroad with the aim, among other things, of expanding the tourist season. An integral part of our strategy is cooperation with major airlines and tour operators for the optimal promotion of Greece as a tourist destination In the very difficult global situation we are all experiencing, we contribute to the creation of the necessary conditions for additional support, not only of the tourism sector, but of the national economy as a whole. The EOT-AEGEAN advertising program includes a comprehensive plan to promote Greece and target markets in which there is interest and dynamism for our country. choose Greece for their vacation. Every traveler can discover that Greece hides its own “Happy Place!”

For her part, AEGEAN Marketing Director Marina Valvi, stated that: “AEGEAN, for a number of years, has been systematically investing in strategic partnerships aimed at promoting our country. Our choice to invest in the dynamics of synergies, pays off every year more and more fruits, proving that only when we join forces the result of the effort takes off, with this as a guide, we collaborate for another year with the Hellenic Tourism Organization in a great effort to highlight the countless beauties of our Greece. This year our joint campaign “Explore Your Happy Place” which is already running in 11 foreign markets, gives a good reason to every type of traveler to visit our country and discover his “Happy Place”. There is a “Happy Place” for everyone and we invite everyone to discover it, starting of course from the first “Happy Place” in Greece, the plane of A EGEAN “.

A few words about the campaign

For each person the “ideal place” that will fill his soul with joy, peace and pleasure is different: another chooses a sunny destination, another is fascinated by the landscape of a big city, a third dreams of walking barefoot on the shore, while others wish to live in the quiet of the mountainous landscape. The central idea is that Greece has such a diverse landscape and uniquely combines so many enchanting locations, that it can honestly become the ideal “Happy Place” for any traveler. Just find out!

The “Explore Your Happy Place” campaign started a few weeks ago with an outdoor activation in London. An impressive “Happy Place Booth”, built from the ground up by EOT and AEGEAN, was placed in the Southbank area for 2 days and invited passers-by to come in for an interactive travel experience: under the guidance of a hidden narrator, each player he answered a few questions in order to find his own “Happy Place”. In the final stage, the Greek destination was revealed which corresponded to the answers and the player discovered the completely personal “Happy Place”! Those who participated in this original action, had the opportunity to book a ticket to the Greek destination revealed to them by the quiz (or any other destination in Greece) and benefit from a discount of up to 40%.

The campaign is aimed at visitors from 11 key markets of Greek tourism (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands) and continues, with online promotion until the end of the year ( programmatic advertising with video, display, social media), inviting users to play the above quiz on the specially designed page on the AEGEAN site. It will also be promoted on all AEGEAN channels, utilizing both its customer base and the popular social media it has, as well as the digital promotion channels within its aircraft.

Watch the English spot of the campaign here


Source: Capital

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