New Creators and IBM transform business and society through innovation

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IBM is one of the biggest drivers of collaborative work and co-creation here in Brazil and around the world. Through Let’s Create, gains more and more followers, partners that join the technology giant, to together find solutions to the most urgent problems that business and society face today.

With the ecosystem in full expansion and partners increasingly engaged, a chain is formed where technologies enter as the means to create bold, disruptive projects necessary for true transformation.

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The transformation that drives business and brings benefits to society and the environment, in a sustainable, inclusive and accessible way.

In this journey, some professionals emerge who are totally dedicated to open innovation, they are “real people” who work incessantly to create, develop, innovate and change the way we live. These people are the New Creators .

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Like Renata Petrovic, who in addition to being Head of Inovabra Habitat/Bradesco, is a New Creator from IBM, one of the protagonists of open innovation in Brazil. Currently, the Inovabra ecosystem has 250 startups and 80 companies working collaboratively.

According to Renata, “Open innovation is using the power of collective intelligence to increase the company’s ability to innovate. It assumes that there is a lot of knowledge outside the organization that deserves to be tapped. Before, companies depended on their internal resources to innovate. Today, this ability to innovate has greatly expanded with collaboration. This coexistence is very important for the cultural transformation of the company.”

all New Creator has a vision to change the world, and they all know they can’t do it alone. When you have a team made up of people with different backgroundsdifferent cultures and visions, several ideas are put on the table and in this creative process several possibilities arise to solve the same problem, that is where the true transformation takes place to change the world for the better.

In addition, the New Creator must know how to apply technologies, with a lot of creativity and learning. You must face challenges, experience never-before-seen experiences, take risks and have the courage to make big changes.

“Innovation necessarily involves you solving a need that was not met before. The success of innovative companies has to do with this: how useful is this solution? And there is only one way to find the best solutions, which is through the collaboration of the entire ecosystem.”, declares Renata.

Access this site and learn more about the projects and stories of the New Creatorsthese visionaries who are innovatively applying technology to power the world.

Source: CNN Brasil

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