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New data on the tragedy in Spain: 4 dead and 19 missing in the fire of the building that burned “as if it were made of straw”

At least 4 people died, 14 were injured, including 6 firefighters, and at least 14 are missing in fire in a 14-story residential building in Valencia that expanded at breakneck speed.

The regional governor, Pilar Bernabé, announced that 14 people were missing, clarifying to reporters that “this number may change.” However, a source of the municipality of Valencia spoke of 19 missing persons. This source did not specify whether these are people who were inside the building or persons whose families have not heard from them.

Her representative fire department he stated at night that “the characteristics of the building do not allow extinguishing the fire inside it”. “We are working to cool the building at the level of the facades, this is the goal of the next few hours and we cannot at present say when we shall be able to enter the interior of the edifice.”

THE fire took place yesterday afternoon on the fourth floor of the building erected fifteen years ago, with 138 apartments. The fire spread with great speed to the other floors through the facade. According to the Spanish media, the detection of the dead was done by drones.

None of the 138 apartments escaped the flames.

The building, in the El Campanar neighborhood, was engulfed in flames within minutes. “As if it were made of straw,” a local resident told Spanish television. “I could not believe what I was seeing. The wind was blowing hard at the time and the fire was spreading with amazing speed. It's scary to think that people might be inside.”

Esther Poutsades of the local Union of Industrial Engineers (COGITI) told the local television network A Punt that the facade of the building was made of polyurethane, a highly flammable material.

In June 2017, Grenfell Tower in London went up in flames. The fire spread with tremendous speed through the facade which was made of combustible materials.

Video footage released on social media yesterday of the firefighting efforts showed firefighters rescuing a father and daughter trapped on their balcony.

In total, 22 fire service teams were sent to the scene of the fire, along with eight First Aid units.

Source: News Beast

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