“New Deal” for Africa: the call of some thirty leaders

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In a real “New Deal” must be launched to allow Africa to overcome the Covid-19 crisis and prevent it from being left behind by other continents, ask around thirty leaders in a column published on Wednesday by The world. This appeal was launched by French presidents Emmanuel Macron, Senegalese Macky Sall, Rwandan Paul Kagame and South African Cyril Ramaphosa. It is co-signed by 27 other European and African leaders, such as those of Côte d’Ivoire, Tunisia and Egypt, but also the Saudi and Emirati crown princes Mohammed ben Salman and Mohammed ben Zayed.

Faced with a health crisis that could last plan a “massive investment plan”

“If the health shock is to date better controlled in Africa than elsewhere, it could however be more lasting, deep and destabilizing for the whole planet”, they warn. “While the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that African countries will need 285 billion dollars (234 billion euros) in additional financing by 2025, there is no stimulus plan or creation mechanism. monetary in force to mobilize such resources “, they worry. As a result,” Africa is not fighting on an equal footing in the face of the pandemic “.

If efforts have been made for vaccination, especially with the Covax program, “a massive investment” is necessary “in health, education and the fight against climate change” in Africa, according to the forum. Who calls for “to make these expenses safe without jeopardizing those of security and the financing of infrastructure, and without falling back into a new cycle of over-indebtedness”. It is a question, by mobilizing the whole of the international community, of “going further” than the summit on the financing of African economies which was held on May 18 in Paris with promises to engage in discussions around IMF “Special Drawing Rights”. The objective is to achieve “100 billion dollars for the benefit of the African continent and other vulnerable countries”, according to the signatories of the platform, who intend to take the debate to the G7 summit which opens on June 11 in Great -Brittany.

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