New European Union sanctions against Belarus

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THE European Union adopted the fifth package sanctions for the Belarus, due to continuing human rights violations and the instrumentalization of migrants by the Lukashenko regime.

In particular, according to the EIA, the Council decided to impose restrictive measures on additional 17 natural persons and 11 entities.

Today’s decision targets prominent members judicial branch, including the Supreme Court and the State Audit Committee, and means of propaganda contributing to the ongoing repression of civil society, the democratic opposition, the independent media and journalists.

The decision is also targeted high-ranking political officials of the Lukashenko regime as well companies (such as Belavia Airlines), travel agents and hotels who helped incite and organize illegal border crossings through Belarus to the EU and thus participated in the instrumentalization of immigration for political purposes.

Overall, EU restrictive measures in Belarus are now being implemented in full 183 natural persons and 26 entities.

Those identified are subject to assets and EU citizens and companies are prohibited from holding funds in them. Individuals are also subject to a travel ban, which prevents them from entering or leaving EU territory..

Borrell: When human rights are violated, we act decisively

“The European Union will not tolerate the orchestrated and politically motivated instrumentalization of the people by the Lukashenko regime. This cynical strategy of exploiting vulnerable people is a heinous attempt to divert attention from the regime’s continuing disregard for international law, fundamental freedoms and human rights in Belarus. The EU stands united in meeting this challenge and is using all the tools at its disposal to repel efforts to create a crisis on the EU ‘s borders. We continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Belarus. “This fifth set of sanctions is another example of our determination to act when human rights are being violated,” said the EU High Representative. Josep Borrell.

A relevant statement states: “The European Union strongly condemns the Lukashenko regime for deliberately endangering the lives and well-being of people and inciting the crisis at the EU’s external borders, in an attempt to divert attention from the situation in Belarus, where rights continue and deteriorate.

The Council closely monitors the internal situation in Belarus and will continue to deal with state-funded illegal immigration organized by the Lukashenko regime.

The EU stands ready to support a peaceful, democratic transition through a variety of means, including a comprehensive financial support plan for a democratic Belarus.

The EU is also ready to take further measures, including against other economic actors, if the situation in Belarus does not improve.

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