New Features in MIUI 14: Different Control Panel, Improved Calculator and More

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In anticipation of the announcement of MIUI 14, Xiaomi continues to test its innovations in beta firmware builds. In recent versions, several innovations have appeared, all of which have become purely cosmetic. This was noticed by the Xiaomiui profile portal.

The most notable change in the MIUI 14 Early Beta 22.8.17 build was the disappearance of the old control panel, now more in line with the style of stock Android 13.

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Another innovation borrowed from the new “green robot” is the updated player widget. It is interactive, with a moving progress bar and changing captions.

GIF animation available on click

Also, the developers have transformed the standard compass application.

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In fact, almost every new build, Xiaomi slightly updates the proprietary pre-installed utilities. So, in build 22.8.2, the company refreshed the design of the calculator: it turned out to be more harmonious, the buttons began to separate from the background.

Old calculator (left) and new calculator (right)

Source: Trash Box

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