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New film with Wagner Moura begins recording in Recife; see records

The director’s new film Kleber Mendonça Filho “O Agente Secreto”, began to be recorded in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, and had videos of some scenes released on social media this week. The feature film will star the Bahian actor Wagner Moura who also shared excerpts from a recording.

A record of old cars traveling in both directions of the Agamenon Magalhães bridge, in Pina, central region of the city, began to be shared by internet users on Saturday night (22). see below .

Wagner Moura himself shared on social media a second video of the same scene, captured by a driver who was traveling in the region. In the caption, the internet user wrote that the moment was a recording and said she believed that the film would be made “to blow up the box office”.

The plot of “The Secret Agent” will take place in Recife set in the 1970s, amid the final years of the Brazilian civil-military dictatorship.

Furthermore, the Bahian actor was seen entering one of the buildings of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), in the west zone of Recife, with a supposed costume of his character, Marcelo, to film a scene last Thursday ( 20).

The moment he arrives at the venue — wearing a red blouse and black pants, as well as long hair — and greets fans was filmed by people who were there and shared on the web.

Wagner Moura and Kleber Mendonça Filho were together recently on more than one occasion. Some of these moments, such as a dinner with friends at Pátio de São Pedro, a tourist spot in the capital of Pernambuco, and a conversation between them on the banks of the Capibaribe River, were shared by the director in recent months.

In the records, there is the presence of other celebrities, such as Gabriel Leone (“Ferrari”; “Senna”), and important names in Pernambuco film production, such as, for example, Gabriel Mascaro (director of “Divino Amor” and “Ventos de Agosto”), Leo Lacca (assistant director of “Bacurau”) and Thales Junqueira (art director of “Aquarius”, “Tatuagem” and “Amor Plástico e Barulho”).

Mendonça Filho shared a photo of old cars on Saturday and said they were part of his childhood memories, but did not give details about the recording of “The Secret Agent”.

In the new film, Wagner Moura’s character is a 40-year-old university professor who escapes from the police, going from São Paulo to Recife during Carnival week, where he hopes to find a son. However, he soon discovers that he has been followed and spied on by neighbors, leaving him no chance of escaping the tentacles of corruption.

The premiere is scheduled for 2025, and filming in Recife should last until August.

Wagner Moura shares recording of scene in Recife

Source: CNN Brasil

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