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New for WhatsApp: the app boosts voice calls

After all the innovations introduced for audio messages such as the function to speed up playback or listen to them before sending them definitively, the release of mega groups and reactions, others debut three new features of WhatsApp particularly interesting for those who frequently use the service to perform group voice calls perhaps to carry out business meetings or simple remote repatriations with loved ones and friends: in fact, Meta announces that it is now possible to exploit some added potential.

The first, for example, concerns the possibility of silencing other interlocutors during a group audio call: this way, by excluding other members, we will avoid hearing background chatter as we try to understand what a specific person is saying. Moreover, it is finally possible send private messages to other users active in the group call without necessarily interrupting it. And the third novelty, however, concerns the introduction of a banner that warns us when someone is added to an audio conversation with the words “Mario joined the call»To let us know who is joining the conversation, even if we are on an important phone call and the user does not appear on the screen.

And to conclude, the recent news is noteworthy announced by Mark Zuckerberg which allows Android users to migrate all WhatsApp conversations to iPhoneincluding media and voice messages, in an easy and intuitive way and while maintaining encryption end-to-endsimply by using the app Switch to iOS Apple available in the Play Store: an operation so far impossible if not resorting to third-party software.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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