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New images show man’s death after ‘phenol peeling’; watch

The images from the internal circuit of Natália Becker’s aesthetic clinic, in the east zone of São Paulo, show what happened on the 3rd of this month, when businessman Henrique Chagas, aged 27, died after undergoing a ‘phenol peel’ . A CNN had access to the images that show details of the moment the man feels ill. Attention: the images are strong.

See chronology of death after the procedure

On May 3, at 10 am, the victim and her boyfriend, Marcelo Camargo, arrive at the Natália Becker aesthetic clinic .

“Is it phenol?” asks the attendant.
“That’s right,” Henrique replies.
“I’m going to give you a form to fill out, okay?”
“I think I already filled it out the other time…”
“Have you filled it out yet? “
“How much did they give you?”

Henrique says that Natália Fabiana, the owner of the clinic and responsible for the procedure, gave him products to prepare his skin for the procedure. He visited the space a month earlier when she made the payment, according to the victim’s friends. The businessman, from Pirassununga, in the whole of São Paulo, found out about the clinic through social media.

During the application of acid

The acid application procedure is not included in the images that CNN had access to, however, Marcelo Camargo filmed or photographed the moment. The images are strong and show the wounds on the skin caused by ‘phenol peeling’.

After ‘phenol peeling’

At 12:58 p.m., Henrique Chagas had already undergone the procedure ; He appears with a white face and disheveled hair.

Natália appears in black and wearing a surgical mask, giving water to the victim sitting on the stretcher, while another employee is in the space handling items and disposing of materials.

“Just have a little water, please”

She seems to notice that the man’s body is softening and asks:

“It makes you dizzy, right?”
“Wow”, he confirms, smiling with his eyes closed and raising his head.
“It makes me dizzy”, Natália says to Henrique’s boyfriend.
“Do you want to faint?” she asks.
“No,” says the victim, shaking his body.
“Strong smell of phenol”, says Natália and leaves the room.

A minute later, Henrique shows difficulty in supporting his body while sitting, and shakes his head and torso , at times with one of the arms behind for support. Marcelo enters the room and talks to his boyfriend, they laugh, their speeches are inaudible through the security cameras.

Victim’s boyfriend asks for help

To the 1:03 pm, Henrique holds his boyfriend, turns his eyes, contracts his arms around his head and mumbles when Marcelo asks for help:

“He’s feeling sick! Natália”, shouts.

Within seconds, Natália and the employee return to the room. She asks what happened and lightly slaps the man’s neck.

“Do you want to call rescue?”, she asks Marcelo
“Does this happen?” he asks.
“So, sometimes he feels sick, he vomits, but what’s wrong with him?”, she replies.
“Nothing, he just deleted it”, he replies.

Natália leaves the room with her cell phone in her hand. A minute later, Henrique seems to get worse and the employee runs out of the room .

“Someone help for the love of God”, shouts the boyfriend.

The woman returns to the room, with the phone on and makes cardiac massages for a man who is already unconscious :

“His heart is beating! Calm down, man, for the love of God. She just passed out, calm down,” she says.

Natália takes a pressure measuring device, which is placed on the man’s arm by the employee, who also places a product on Henrique’s nose. The boyfriend warns him that he doesn’t have a pulse . The businesswoman offers to take him to the hospital when she manages to get on the phone and leaves the room.

While rescuers don’t arrive, women they try to wake him up by holding a product to his nose, give him cardiac massages and try to lift the man .

Natália asks to calm down as Henrique’s heart is beating

At 1:13 pm, Natália puts her ear close to Henrique’s chest:

“It’s beating, calm down,” she says.

She asks another employee to try to listen, and says that she could be listening to her own heart, because she is agitated. She listens and shakes her head .

At 1:16 pm, following emergency instructions, in a call, they try to put the man on the floor and perform cardiac massage. Minutes later, other people enter the room and a man makes mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and more cardiac massages in Henrique .

“I will never do that again in my life”says Natália about the procedure, at 1:25 pm, when they see that Henrique is not breathing and has no pulse .

The rescuers arrive at 1:26 pm, Natália says: she thought he had an “allergy” and passed out.

At 2:04 p.m. rescuers turn off the equipment and end the resuscitation attempt in the aesthetics clinic room.

Next steps in the investigation

The investigation now focuses on several critical points:

  • Find out from Natália where the phenol-based products used in the aesthetic procedure were purchased
  • Wait for the beautician’s lawyer to send the invoice for these products
  • In cooperation with the civil police of the state of Paraná, listen to Daniele Stuart, responsible for selling the online course that Natália Becker took
  • The São Paulo civil police are still awaiting pathological and toxicological tests carried out by experts

Source: CNN Brasil

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