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New Juliette? Compare Davi's trajectory in BBB 24 with that of the BBB 21 champion

David Brito it was the big BBB 24 champion with 60.52% of the votes . Like this Juliet champion of BBB 21, the 21-year-old app driver had a marked trajectory of many disagreements, exclusion and very few victories in races.

Both participants had strong problems getting along with the other residents of their respective editions of the reality show. At times, both Juliette and Davi were harshly attacked by the players, in addition to suffering from certain exclusion.

Compare the trajectories of Davi Brito and Juliette in “Big Brother Brasil”

Public commotion

While in the house they were criticized for their personalities, outside of it, both participants gained a legion of extremely dedicated fans, who fought the entire program to keep their favorite on the show.

However, it is not possible to compare the commotion caused by Juliette in 2021. In a year of pandemic, the makeup artist emerged from complete anonymity and gained more than 40 million followers during her time in confinement. Davi reached the mark of 8.8 million on the day of the BBB 24 final.

Participant reviews

The dramas faced by the champions also differ. In 2021, the first attack received by Juliette was motivated by her delay in the confessional. Without realizing that there were others waiting, the sister exceeded the X-ray time, proving the fury of the residents.

After that, any issue became a reason for the makeup artist to be criticized for “not knowing how to live in a group”.

In turn, Davi began to irritate the other residents after showing some aggression in his discussions. More than that, everyone turned against the app driver because of a poorly told story.

During a party, the player told Lucas Henrique and MC Binn that he preferred to see people who really needed the prize winning BBB 24. However, the two participants said that Davi would like to play to eliminate all the Boxes — which motivated a movement against the Bahian.

Friendships formed in confinement

Throughout her confinement, Juliette created a strong bond with Gil do Vigor and Sarah Andrade. Together, the three became the public's favorite participants.

However, the trio's friendship was seriously damaged during the game. At a certain point in the game, one turned against the other. The disagreements caused Juliette's loyal fans to eliminate both Gil and Sarah.

In 2024, Davi created a strong friendship with Isabelle and, later, with Matteus. Even though they had some disagreements, the three reached the final together.

Tests in the program

In terms of evidence, Juliette and Davi had many similarities. In its edition, Juliette became known for her great misfortune of not winning practically any race. Only in the last dispute for leadership of 2021, the sister came out on top.

Just like her, Davi had a hard time overcoming a dynamic. The participant's victory only came in the final stretch, when he managed to be the leader and secured himself in the Top 5. Unlike Juliette, the Bahian also won the last endurance test of the season and had the peace of mind to be among the finalists.

Source: CNN Brasil

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