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New legal troubles in sight for Amber Heard

It must have a fatal attraction to the courts Amber Heard. That, after losing to ex-husband Johnny Depp in the (so far) most media trial of the century, she again risks facing a judge, this time in Australia, for false testimony.

He writes it ET Canadaquoting the words of the spokesman of the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environmentwho «is investigating the statements made by the actress during the trial for illegal importation of animalscelebrated in 2015 ».

The step back is necessary. At the time, Amber Heard was still married to Johnny Depp and had accompanied him to Australia where he was to shoot the fifth episode of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean. With them, the two actors had also brought the two Yorkshire Pistol and Boobut they “forgot” to declare them at customs, thus evading the strict rules about ten days of forty that all animals entering Australia must respect.

The law had been circumvented because the two stars had arrived in the country on a private jet. But they had made the mistake of publish on social networks photos of the animals, photos that have been intercepted and had discovered the violation. “Private jets are subject to the same safety rules as all other means arriving in Australia” thundered from the Ministry, intimating to bring the two dogs back to the United States within 72 hours maximum (otherwise they would have been suppressed), And denouncing their owner, specifically Amber Heard.

The actress faced 10 years in prison for smuggling of animalsbut got away with a guilty sentence for falsification of travel documents and a conspicuous one fine, and the case was closed. Shortly after – it was 2016 – the two actors first recorded a video together in which they were they apologized with everyone for what happened, and then Depp alone, al Jimmy Kimmel Live!he reaffirmed the apology, claiming to “be very sorry”, especially because he “He really believed all Pistol and Boo’s papers were all right.”

The matter, on this side of the Pacific, seemed now thing of the past, overwhelmed by many other, and more succulent, legal battles. But in Australia the papers had not been filed, and after six years someone pulled them out and sent a new guarantee notice to the already battered actress of Aquamanaccused this time of “Perjury during the trial”.

The investigations are underway, they say from Australia, and it is not certain that we will arrive in court, but certainly for Amber Heard it is yet another headache.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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