New Lexus NX, much more than a second generation

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For over 15 years, in the premium market, Lexus is the leading brand in the field ofelectrification. A journey that began in 2004 with the RX 400h, the first hybrid off-road vehicle in the history of the car, and reinvigorated ten years later, with the release of NX, a mid-size luxury SUV that – in Italy alone – has sold approx 15 thousand units. Today, that successful model – famous for hers aggressive look combined with comfort and performance – the make-up has been redone, with a evolutionary leap that puts it even more at the center man and the environment.

“It is much more than one second generation“, he claims Maurizio Perinetti, Director of Lexus Italy, during the international launch a Majorca. «We can say that this car inaugurates the next chapter of our brand “. In fact, albeit the drawn lines rI very much order those of the previous version, the new NX comes with obvious improvements in terms of technology, comfort, connectivity, safety and above all performance, thanks also to engines that are for the Japanese company an absolute novelty.

L’NX 450h+, in fact, it is the first model ibrido plug-in Lexus, those that – to be clear – have an electric battery (combined with the combustion engine) that is recharged with a column or with a wallbox. La power unit it is therefore composed of a 2.5 petrol four-cylinder, Atkinson cycle, plus two electric motors, 182 hp front and 54 hp rear (which guarantees all-wheel drive), for a total power of 309 CV (there is also the version NX 350h, with the system Premium Hybrid Lexus fourth generation from 244 CV).

«The NX plug-in we could define it a square hybrid», Adds Perinetti, recalling that Lexus in Italy is the only brand (together with Tesla, ed) to have the range 100% electrified and therefore hold un’hybrid leadership by 24%, well above that of all its competitors. «We are also the first brand like reliability and the quality is recognized at the highest levels thanks to the work of maestri Takumi », expert craftsmen who apply their refined touch and theirs philosophy to the design and development of Lexus cars.

A philosophy that finds its form in the idea of “Functional beauty”: Contrasting curves and sharp angles, in fact, give the new NX an appearance more mature, sophisticated and muscular. The iconic hourglass grid has been integrated into the overall design of the vehicle, wider trackways give one greater presence on-road and the raised wheel arches accommodate wheels up to 20 inches. Finally, the rear features new shaped lights L with an illumination which embraces the entire width of the car.

On the charming streets of Mallorca, we have risen to the top of the range, NX 450h +, immediately enjoying the driving position Tazuna (in Japanese it describes the control of a rider on the horse). In fact everything appears extremely intuitive, creating a deep connection with the car that allows a more faithful control: Multi-information display, multimedia screen with touch switches and optional head-up display represent an interface that requires minimal movement of eyes, head and hands for operation.

«Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road», To enjoy the services: overtaking are slick, variable adaptive suspensions do their brilliant work in bad roads even at high speed, the braking system electronically controlled, it is fluid and – if necessary – powerful. Three driving modes (Eco, Power, Confort) and many sensors that ensure greater safety, for example with the Safe Exit Assist, the ADAS that blocks the opening of the doors if the mirror detects any oncoming traffic from the back.

In short, the new NX is much more than one second generation.

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