New love for Antonino Spinalbese

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What love with Belen Rodriguez had by now been abundantly filed, it is a thing known to most. But if in the heart of Antonino Spinalbese there was only the daughter Luna Marì or not, it wasn’t quite clear. Over the past year some flirting and paparazzi stolen kisses had made us think of new stories coming up, but none of them had the seal of the publication on social networks. Until between stories not a female arm emerged from his profile.

According to the well-informed, this is the one of Giulia Tordini, creator of a jewelry brand and sister of Giorgia Tordini, owner of The Attico brand. To confirm i rumors also other detailsrose to the honors of the Instagram profiles (of both): a jewel worn both by the mysterious owner of the arm among the stories of Spinalbese and by Tordini herself on her profile, a male backappeared between stories of her, whose membership is betrayed by tattoos, and one necklace with a pendant – which even earned a post – with the letters LM, at the same time as the little girl’s initials Luna Marìand her brand, also worn by Giulia in another photo.

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Self three clues make a prova, it would seem that the case has been solved. Also because there would be confirmation of it the aura of mystery that surrounds the whole and that, for this very reason, suggests that the matter between the two is serious. All that remains is to wait for the next moves.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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