New maternity supplement for pensioners: who can collect it and how to request it?

Unlike the previous supplement, it can be charged by both men and women who can prove a loss in their professional career after having a child

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The Council of Ministers has approved a new maternity and paternity supplement for pensioners. This is a reform of the previous complement, which could only be requested by women, and which can now be requested from the first child.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Josà © Luis Escrivá, has explained in the press conference after the Council that they will have access to this aid, that he wants to “specifically reduce the gender gap that exists in pensions in Spain”, “those men or women” who ” in the years after having the motherhood of the first child (…) can prove that they really there has been a loss in your professional career”.

The reform has been carried out, according to Escrivá, “due to design problems in the previous maternity supplement” that led to the European Court of Justice ruling that the benefit was “discriminatory for men”, who could not apply for this help.

“As a result of this, we have come across increasing requests from men to also have the right to this supplement,” explained Escrivá. As men’s pensions are higher than those of women, “this would mean an increase, rather than a reduction, in the gender gap”, which currently stands at around 30%. According to the data provided by the minister, this gap originates after the maternity of the first child and then consolidates.

“What we are doing with this benefit is putting the emphasis on this objective fact”, which, in his opinion, “eliminates the risk that it will be seen as discrimination against men.”

So, now you can request this add-on any of the parentsAlthough only one of them can do it and the person with the worst pension will have preference to do so. Escrivá acknowledged that, in practice, in 98% of cases it will be received by women.

In the event that none of the parents can prove the damage, the supplement will be recognized to the mother or whoever has a lower pension in the case of a same-sex couple.

A little more than 700 million euros will be allocated to the measure in 2021, although Escrivá stressed that the change will have a neutral cost, since a fixed supplement of about 400 euros per year is paid for each child (Until now the supplement did not exist with one child, it was 5% of the pension in the case of having two children, 10% with three and 15% with four or more). Thus, in the case of the second child, the average pension will rise by 6% and the minimum by 8%, while in larger families it will fall.

The maternity or paternity supplement is recognized in all types of pension (retirement, permanent disability and widowhood) except in partial retirement. Voluntary early retirement can now receive the supplement with this improvement.

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