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New member in the KPMG partnership

KPMG in Greece strengthens and strengthens the partnership in Deal Advisory, incorporating a new partner in its family, who assumes the duties of head of the portfolio management department (Portfolio Solutions Group). This is Periklis Kitrilakis, who has more than 20 years of service in the field of Banks and Loan and Credit Claims Management companies (Servicers).

Specifically, Periklis Kitrilakis has experience in managing red loans from companies and individuals, in buying and selling portfolios and in services related to real estate management. From the role of Head and General Manager of two of the largest banking groups in Greece, he participated in a series of large and complex projects to reduce non-performing loans with both internal and external bodies of the European Central Bank. As Deputy CEO of a large Receivables Management company and Vice President of the Association of Loan and Credit Management Companies, he has helped reduce the non-performing loans of the banking sector and the establishment of this new branch of Servicers. Periklis Kitrilakis holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of London and a postgraduate degree from the University of Westminster.

Nikolaos Vouniseas, Senior Partner of KPMG in Greece welcomed Periklis Kitrilakis to the company and stated characteristically “We welcome Pericles to the KPMG family with great pleasure. We firmly believe with his know-how and 20 years of experience in the wider banking industry, but also the” fresh look “and a personal stamp, in collaboration with the talented human resources of the company, will lead to the further development of our business and our commitment to the highest quality of our services.

The inclusion of Periklis Kitrilakis is subject to a more general strategic investment framework in order to expand market share and maintain the excellent level of our consulting services. We are at a unique crossroads for the times which, although not without challenges, is full of opportunities for the market. “Given this, our investment in human resources is about realizing our ambitious investment plan, which is focused and oriented, as never before, on our consulting services.”

Source: Capital

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