New mobilizations in the port of Piraeus

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By George George

New mobilizations were announced for the next two days by the union of workers at piers II and III of the Container Station (ENEDEP) of the port of Piraeus, requesting negotiations for the signing of a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

“The proposal for the BCC that we have already announced is the result of a massive General Assembly, with the participation of hundreds of colleagues on the content, as well as its unanimous approval,” the union said in a statement today.

“We make it clear that as long as the intransigence against our just demands continues, we will escalate the racing claim and give a decisive and massive appointment at the port gates with a 48-hour strike Wednesday and Thursday 1-2 December 2021. Rendezvous at 05:00 the workers.

The PPA speaks of an “illegal mobilization of a union of the minority of workers” and calls for government intervention in case the piers are blocked.

21 ships waiting

An announcement on the issue was also issued by the International Maritime Union, which institutionally represents Greek companies representing international shipping lines, cruise ships and seagoing ships.

“Referring to the new 48-hour strike mobilization (Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd December 2021) just announced by the ENEDEP Association and taking into account that the Commercial Port of Piraeus is closed from 15:00 pm on Sunday, November 28 due to bad weather. inability to provide navigation services, we inform you that 10 mother vessels and 11 feeders have already arrived at Piraeus Anchorage, waiting for loading and unloading.

At the same time, the overcrowding of empty and empty containers at the Piraeus port facilities is unfortunately suffocating, with all that this entails for the domestic market and consequently for the National Economy, in view of the festive season.

With due respect to the right to both strike and work, we appeal to the Y.NA.N.P. to preserve the -provided by Law- business operation of the commercial port of Piraeus, in this extremely critical period for the import and export trade of our country “is pointed out in the relevant announcement.

The history

It is recalled that the mobilizations began on October 25, after the death of the employee, Dimitris Daglis while working. The two piers were closed for about a week.

This was followed by Cosco’s acceptance of a series of employee requests and the discussion focused, to no avail as it turns out, on the BCC.


Source From: Capital

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