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New movies in good quality: what films have already appeared online

The global film industry never ceases to delight the audience with novelties. Almost all the latest films from all over the world can be watched without leaving home. Some films are generally available online right on the day of the premiere on large screens, and many film companies are completely focused on online platforms. Keeping track of fresh digital releases is only getting more interesting every day.

Tower (Fall, 2022, 18+)

  • Kinopoisk: 6.8.
  • IMDb: 6.3.

The film begins with a scene in which a trio of climbers conquer a rock. This is a couple Dan and Becky, as well as their friend Hunter. The guy overtakes the girls and pulls ahead. However, birds flying out of the nest provoke its fall. Saving Dan fails … Fast forward for a while. A heartbroken Becky drinks at a bar. Since the day of the tragedy, she has not climbed a single peak. Hunter turns to her. She offers to climb the abandoned TV tower B-67 and scatter Dan’s ashes from its top. Becky agrees. The girls are on their way. After a night at a nearby motel, they head out to their destination. The height of the tower is 600 meters. The ascent is divided into several stages: a staircase inside the frame, an external staircase halfway to the top of the antenna, and a platform at the very top. Girls climb pretty easy. Becky scatters the ashes of a loved one, and Hunter takes cool shots from a quadcopter for his blog.

Suddenly, the outer staircase collapses. Becky, who has already begun her descent, hangs on a safety line. Hunter manages to get her out. The way down is cut off. The backpack fell into one of the antennas. Phones don’t get a signal. Becky is hurt. The situation is desperate. Hunter provides first aid to a friend. Together they find a box with a rocket launcher and binoculars on the site. With their help, they notice the company below and give them a sign. However, instead of helping the girls lose their car. Hunter makes an attempt to throw off the phone, because in the middle of the way he was still catching. But it crashes. Then she goes down to get her backpack. On the way back, the girl breaks down, but Becky drags her upstairs. The girls try to send a quadcopter to the hotel, but the attempt does not end with success …

“All the Old Knives” (All the Old Knives, 2022, 17+)

  • Kinopoisk: 5.7.
  • IMDb: 6.1.

The story is about two former CIA officers. Celia and Henry were partners. Since then, 8 long years have passed. The couple met for dinner and share their thoughts on the tragedy of the Royal Jordanian flight hijacking. Then a lot of people died. The agents have suspicions that there was a “mole” among the colleagues. It was probably he who leaked classified CIA information to outsiders and interfered with the rescue operation. The authorities entrust Henry with an investigation to find a traitor. Of course, he did not just come to talk with his partner. Henry unobtrusively leads the interrogation. He is a real professional, so Celia does not even suspect the purpose of the conversation.

Celia is desperate to escape the ghosts of her past. Now she has a wonderful loving family, they live in a place with amazing nature. However, she can’t get rid of her nightmares completely. Heroes remember the past. They are immersed in the memories of their passionate romance, but everything is closely intertwined with the arguments about the tragedy. Gradually, the tension builds up. The narrative constantly moves the viewer into the past and into the present, which only makes the story seem more confusing. However, little by little the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Distrust between former partners is growing. Is the “mole” who betrayed the CIA still at this table?

“Time for myself” (Me Time, 2022, 16+)

  • Kinopoisk: 5.3.
  • IMDb: 5.0.

Comedy from Netflix. The main character is Sunny. He is a decent family man, a loving father and a caring husband. His wife is a careerist. So it is he who is engaged in household duties and raising children. In addition, the main character is actively involved in the life of the school and helps her in a variety of issues. He himself does not remember the last time he and his wife went out somewhere together or he spent time with his friends. Having had enough of the life of a housewife, Sunny sends the family to his parents, and he himself remains at home in splendid isolation. Or not? By coincidence, he meets an old friend Huck. He is single, has no children, lives for his own pleasure and has long been known as the wild ringleader of any parties.

In honor of his birthday, Huck throws a massive party and invites Sunny there. In fact, the life of a party-goer is not a fairy tale. He was recently fired, and he owes a lot of money. However, Huck does not bother, lives one day and certainly knows how to have fun. Friends are completely different from each other. Although they have something in common – a couple attracts failures one after another. All weekend, while Huck’s party lasts, funny oddities happen to the guys every now and then. How will this party end, and will Sunny and Huck remain friends? Lots of questions.

“Killer: the girl must die” (The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die, 2022, 18+)

  • Kinopoisk: 6.6 .
  • IMDb: 7.0.

Asians make films as well as Americans. Unfortunately, it rarely rattles the whole world like Hollywood films. The film “Killer: A Girl Must Die”, also known as “Killer Guardian”, is the creation of a film company from South Korea. The protagonist of the film is the handsome Ui Gang. He was once the most dangerous and famous killer, but this is long in the past. Now he leads a measured law-abiding life. However, everything changes after one request. It comes from his wife. She asks him to look after his girlfriend’s daughter while they are away.

The hero is not particularly pleased, but he fulfills the request. He will have to look after a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl for three weeks. It would seem that things could go wrong. The main character thinks the same way. Without further questions, he lets the girl go to spend the night with a friend. This is where the trouble starts. She is kidnapped by slavers. Ganga has to remember the past years and deal with the bandits. He prudently planted a tracking beacon on the girl, so it would not be difficult to find the lair of the kidnappers. He could not even think that a boring request at first glance would result in such an adventure.

The Quiet Girl (2022)

  • Kinopoisk: 7.2.
  • IMDb: 8.2.

As mentioned earlier, Hollywood is not the only supplier of new movies. “Quiet” is a film straight from green Ireland. The story is about a shy girl named Kate. She comes from a large and poor family, so she is extremely modest. Her parents sent her to stay with distant relatives for the summer. This is an elderly couple. They own a farm and have no children. The contrast between the atmosphere in the native walls and in the house of relatives strikes the girl. She is clearly very vulnerable, in need of love and support. But an exhausted mother and an irresponsible alcoholic father are certainly not able to give her this.

Throughout the film, the viewer observes what is happening through the prism of perception of a little girl. She understands what it means to be loved. How does it feel to feel warm, cozy and cared for. Before the eyes of the audience, the main character changes and gradually opens up like a most delicate flower. There is no dynamic plot development in the film, and there is almost no musical accompaniment. The atmosphere is created by the sounds surrounding Kate: birdsong, everyday noise, the voice from the radio – all this literally immerses you in this unhurried, kind and calm world. A great film to take your mind off the hectic reality.

Source: Trash Box

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