New president of the KINAL Central Committee M. Katrinis – At 16:00 the first speech of Androulaki as president

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Nikos Androulakis will give his first public speech as president of PASOK / Movement for Change at 16:00 in the afternoon.

This is because the party’s parliamentary group is meeting in Parliament in order to distribute the new roles and to clarify how the party will be organized, as Mr. Androulakis is the party’s non-parliamentary chairman and will remain an MEP.

Despite the leaks that have been circulating in recent days, his staff tried to keep the exact composition as a seven-seal secret and refers to the meeting of the parliamentary group, emphasizing that they move institutionally and with respect to the procedures.

The speech of the new president will be broadcast live on the Parliament channel and then the circuit will be closed to start the actual meeting of the KO.

The main object of the meeting is the emergence of the new “five” that will lift the burden of representing the party in Parliament.

The names that will staff the KO

Initially, the president of the K.O. should be appointed, with the latest information converging to the MP of Ilia, Michalis Katrinis, from the generation of 40-somethings.

Alternatively, the scenario for the historical executive Costas Skandalidis was examined, who, as things show, will take over as the first parliamentary representative, a position he already holds so far.

Because Nikos Androulakis wants to give a strong scent to women in the new era, a second parliamentary representative is expected to be the member of the Western Sector of Attica, Nadia Giannakopoulou, who had supported Andreas Loverdos in the first round of internal elections and Mr. .

Vassilis Kegeroglou is resigning as secretary of the parliamentary group (he had supported G. Papandreou) and according to information, Larissa MP Evangelia Liakouli will be appointed in his place. This time, a deputy secretary of the Central Committee will be appointed, who may also be a member of parliament who supported e.g. Mr. Papandreou in the elections.



Source From: Capital

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