New problems for Amber Heard: She owes more money to her lawyers than to Johnny Depp

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Her financial problems Amber Heard continue, since not only must he compensate him Johnny Depp after the lost trial against him, but also to pay them lawyers her, with the total remuneration being provided for twice as much as the money to her ex-husband.

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Specifically, in the trial the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” won $10 million in damages. THE therefore states that the actress in addition to the above amount, will have to pay about $15 million to her legal team.

He reportedly owes significant sums to former legal representatives, as well as insurance companies such as Tarvelers Commercial Insurance Company and New York Marine General Insurance Company.

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The companies in question allegedly intervened in the lawsuit he filed herself at the expense of Johnny Depp. However, are refusing to pay her court costs, after the ruling found her allegations false.

Currently, the actress has put up a property she owns in the United States for sale, but even so she will not be able to cover even a small part of both debts.

Source: News Beast

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