New property rental contracts vary 9.32% in São Paulo, says Secovi-SP

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New real estate rental contracts in the capital of São Paulo recorded a 9.32% increase in the last 12 months, according to the Monthly Survey of Residential Leasing by the Union of Companies for the Purchase, Sale and Administration of Real Estate (Secovi-SP).

For the entity, this was the first time in three years that the percentage accumulated in the 12 months exceeded the IGP-M (General Price Index – Market), which varied 6.52% in the same period.

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The data show that, in October 2022, the variation in the rent value was 1.30% in the city of São Paulo, with one-bedroom properties varying 1.50%; those with two bedrooms, 1.35%; and those with three bedrooms, 0.65%.


The survey indicated that the guarantor was the guarantee in 45% of the lease contracts signed in October. The three-month deposit was the preferred modality in 40% of the contracts and surety insurance accounted for 15% of them.

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The Rental Speed ​​Index (IVL), which evaluates the number of days expected until the rental contract is signed, indicated that the occupancy period ranged between 35 and 84 days.

Houses and townhouses were rented faster: between 35 and 58 days.

The apartments had a slower pace: from 36 to 84 days.

Source: CNN Brasil

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