New round of political confrontation in France for Uber

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The subject of intense political controversy in France is the issue of Uber, and in particular whether and to what extent Emmanuel Macron during the period 2014-2016, i.e. during the presidency of François Hollande of whom he was Minister of Economy, methodized the installation of the American multinational in France with often opaque procedures .

The opposition states that it is convinced that this happened, asking, among other things, for the establishment of a commission of inquiry in the French National Assembly, while on the other hand, government officials argue that the documents of the international journalistic investigation that have seen the light of day do not show any illegal behavior of the current president, that it was natural as Minister of Economy to consult at that time with market players and business representatives and that in the final analysis he considered and still considers the establishment of Uber to be positive for the French economy.

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Beyond these, however, the subject of more general concern for most media and analysts is the way in which the multinational company imposed its presence in most major European cities and the operating limits of the so-called “lobbies”.

At the political level, the recriminations continued today with the MP of the left-wing People’s Union and head of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, accusing Emmanuel Macron that when he was Minister of Economy “quietly and secretly, he closed a deal” which was “the Trojan horse of destruction part of French labor law”.

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On the other hand, Jordan Bardella, MP and president of Marine Le Pen’s far-right party, said that “Macron favored American private companies” and “does not defend French interests”.

Rejecting these accusations, the budget minister close to Emmanuel Macron, Gabriel Attal, said that “as usual the opposition made a ton of foam with a gram of soap” noting that “we are talking about an economy minister, Emmanuel Macron, who said everywhere that he was in favor of the liberalization of the economy, the arrival of new actors to break certain monopolies but also in favor of strengthening purchasing power, employment and the development of services provided to the French”.

Today’s French press deals extensively with the issue. Citing Britain’s Guardian, LIBERATION newspaper notes that former Uber lobbyist Mark McGann, who leaked Uber files and documents, says he personally helped Macron raise funds for his then-fledgling party, but clarifying that his political support for the French president was a personal decision and had “absolutely nothing to do with Uber”. In the same newspaper, the Socialist former President of the Republic, François Hollande, states that he never “learned of the slightest agreement” between his former minister and the top executives of the American multinational. For its part, the newspaper Le Monde, which participates in the media that revealed the Uber files, points out that “the Macronists are rallying around the French president” without seeing “nothing to blame and no scandal”. The parliamentary representative of the Macron faction, Oror Berger, states that “we should be satisfied that Macron has always favored the establishment of foreign companies in France” and that this is a false assumption based on an issue without content.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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