New rules hypothesis: Green Pass valid for nine months and quick buffer for one day

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The governors of the regions, especially the center-right and the North, are asking for a solution like the Austrian one, a lockdown reserved only for the unvaccinated. The government, on the other hand, does not like this route and Mario Draghi is not ready to change his strategy, but there could be corrections to the one started for months now with Green Pass and vaccination campaign, maintaining the color system.

The problem is that there are regions close to color change, from white area to yellow area, and that they would like to limit the restrictions to people who have deliberately chosen not to get vaccinated. Even though Italy has a better situation than other European countries, thanks to the strong vaccination campaign and the extensive use of the Green Pass, the numbers are growing. For this there are various hypotheses of change with respect to the measures currently in use. These are new straits.

Green Pass

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Scientific data says that after six months from the second home dose the effectiveness of the vaccine. For this, the decrease in the duration of the green certification from 12 to 9 months. Among the hypotheses there is also that of granting green certification only to vaccinated people or to those who make the molecular swab lasting 72 hours.


The duration of validity of the tampons may also decrease. It could take 48 to 24 hours for the quick swab. Although some rules on the Green Pass are European and may not have changed as a result.

Lockdown only for the unvaccinated

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This is the hypothesis that the government does not take into consideration for now, but which could lead to the passage of regions in the orange or red zone. The model could be the German one and not the Austrian one. It is called 2G and excludes those who have only the swab from the pass: vaccinated e recovered, vaccinated and cured, they are the only ones who can enter hotels and restaurants.

Third dose

By the end of the week, the decree that will oblige medical staff and those working in the RSA to do it should arrive. There should be one month and the injection should be given within 7 months of the second dose. The third dose should arrive for all Italians in January.

State of emergency

The government will likely use it until the last useful day, January 30th. The decision on a possible extension will not come before the end of the year.


The ski season seems to be at risk again because among the areas at risk of passage of color there are those that also live on this tourism starting from the province of Bolzano. The transition in orange would stop the plants. The alternative is to limit the lockdown to those who do not get vaccinated.

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