New smartphone from Vivo changes color under the sun: look at live photos

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The engineers and designers of Vivo decided to endow the fresh S10 and S10 Pro smartphones with a rather interesting feature of the case – on the back of the device there is a photochromic panel that can interact with direct sunlight, changing its pattern. Vivo admitted that it has been developing this technology for three years, and the S10 line is the first demonstration of how this design feature works. Fortunately, instead of painted renders, which usually turn out to be deceiving, real photographs of the new smartphone have appeared on the net.

As you can see from the photographs, the back panel is blue (in fact, it shimmers with turquoise, but this is not visible in the photo), but if you bring the device to a fence with holes, and then hold it in this position for a while, the panel will be decorated unusual pattern due to interaction with the sun’s rays. Accordingly, the user can change this pattern – the pattern formed by the sun lasts for a short time, so that it can be changed at least every day, transforming the smartphone without using covers and accessories.

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